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Fiona McKenzie

Fiona McKenzie, Director

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Dr Fiona McKenzie is a human geographer with a PhD on innovation and expertise in both public policy and academic research. Fiona is respected for her ability to rapidly synthesise complex topics for decision makers and strategically co-design systems change processes with stakeholders. Before founding Orange Compass, Fiona was the Co-Founder and Director of Strategy for the Australian Futures Project where she led the design and implementation of a range of unique programs including ‘social innovation labs’ on early childhood development and agriculture as well as systems change initiatives on affordable housing and youth disadvantage. 

Through her career, Fiona has accumulated more than 15 years of experience working with a range of academic, corporate, government, non-government, and intergovernmental organisations. Examples include:

In addition to leading Orange Compass, Fiona is also working with Collaboration for Impact as their Knowledge Manager, where she leading the creation of Australia's first digital knowledge and learning hub for systems change and collaboration. She is an Honorary Associate in the School of Geosciences at the University of Sydney, and a Councillor for The Geographical Society of New South Wales.  

Paula Steyer

Paula Steyer, Financial Controller

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Paula manages the day-to-day financial, regulatory and all reporting requirements of the organisation. She also manages operations and logistics without breaking a sweat. Paula is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Australia and New Zealand.

Prior to moving into the not-for-profit sector, Paula worked in the public practice sector, and in senior taxation, finance and human resources positions at HSBC Bank. Paula has worked in the finance and company secretarial role in the not-for-profit sector for the past 8 years.

Megan Seneque

Megan Seneque, Associate

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Megan Senque seamlessly blends on-ground practice and theoretical insight for systemic change. Her career as an academic and as a social process and development professional began in South Africa at the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal where she was involved in long-term work on curriculum transformation in the transition to post-Apartheid South Africa. Megan was lead designer and Founding Director of a Leadership Centre that promoted new and appropriate forms of leadership in the African context.

Megan continued her work across the private, public and NGO sectors in South Africa, Australia, the UK and other global contexts - drawing upon principles of systemic inquiry and complex adaptive systems to challenge instrumental understandings of knowledge and to enable collaboration across boundaries.

Clients include Ernst & Young, Westpac, BHP Billiton, Qantas, Telstra, UN-HABITAT and Australian Futures Project. She is co-facilitator of the Wellbeing Economies in Africa lab, convened by the Global Leadership Academy (GIZ) and the Centre for Governance Innovation at Pretoria University. She is currently Honorary Research Fellow in the Centre for Organisational Research at the University of Roehampton in London.

Jackie King

Jackie King, Associate

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Jackie works to collaboratively design innovative solutions to social problems through a human centred equity lens. She is a knowledge broker, storyteller and capacity builder, driving outcomes and impact, and a strong manager and leader, with a broad governance portfolio. Jackie's specific areas of expertise include: gender, disability, access, public transport, innovation and social enterprise.

Jackie is a Director of the National Foundation for Australian Women (NFAW) and the Founder and CEO of Project Deborah. As an Innovation Specialist at the Victorian Health Promotion Foundation (VicHealth), Jackie managed numerous special projects on behavioral insights and collective impact and provided leadership across innovation practices and capability, strategy, communities of practice and innovation challenges.