our capabilities

wayfinding for the future

Our team has deep experience and the expertise to help you navigate complex systems, identify leverage points, create the conditions for collaboration, hold the space for dialogue and to go beyond innovation to sustained transformation.

We have experience engaging diverse stakeholders and convening cross-sector groups on a wide range of issues from affordable housing, transport, biosecurity, agriculture and waste through to youth disadvantage and unemployment.

Our capabilities include:

Systems Transformation      

  • Understanding the system through research, interviews and analysis
  • Systems mapping
  • Getting to the root cause of complex challenges
  • Identifying leverage points for system transformation
  • Evaluation and storytelling


  • Strategic planning
  • Creating the authorising environment
  • Building trust and linking across networks and different perspectives
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Facilitation and convening
  • Collective governance structures
  • Codesign

Bespoke process design

Bespoke processes to solve complex challenges in unique contexts drawing upon a range of concepts such as:

  • Decision making theory
  • Innovation frameworks  
  • Human centred design
  • Organisational change theory
  • Systems thinking
  • Scenario planning
  • Theory U